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Join Kass to help empower a billion women as she opens the Seattle Chapter for ‘Empowering a Billion Women by 2020’ in the Northwest.
The first book by Kass Rose is coming out in Jan 2018! What would it take to lower your BS meter and go after the business and personal relationships of your dreams? In Care Your Way To Clarity, Kass will inspire you to create a life where you live and thrive.
Be part of the Rent My Way revolution. The newest leasing automation platform for renters, landlords, and property managers. We focus on empowering the renter, which in turn creates better synergy with property managers and landlords.
Michelle Grewal
Technology Manager,
Pure Haven LLC

“Kass is an absolute dynamo of a business woman and entrepreneur. It’s an honor to work with her and collaborate on projects in support of her successful real estate brands, RentLucky, ZadPad and now, RentMyWay.com. She brings energy, creativity, and fun to any challenge we work on, and is an absolute pleasure to do business with. I can’t recommend Kass enough for any transaction! She truly has passion for problem solving and creative solutions.”

Lyn Graft
Storytelling for Entrepreneurs

“Kass Rose is one of those special entrepreneurs who lives and breaths her market space. Rent My Way is the manifestation of her 20+ years of expertise and fills a critical hole in the market for renters. What makes her unique as a business owner is her incredible ability to connect with people. She understands her customer’s and employee’s aspirations of wanting to have an amazing life. This helped her create an offering and culture that people want to be part of.”

Jason Hull

“Kass Rose is not only a true business bada*s, startup founder and a spitfire, but also a yoga-loving-hippie that actually has compassion for renters and tenants (rare in this industry). Kass serves her clients, creates ethical win-wins in business, and worked her tail off to build a company that deserves respect. If you work with her, you will feel lucky and so will your clients/renters.”