Kass Rose is a real estate entrepreneur and founder of three companies including RentLucky, a unique property management platform. Over the last 24 years, Kass has financed, distributed, or sold over $385 million worth of real estate and automotive assets. She helped thousands of people buy or lease cars and houses and currently manages rental properties worth over $83 million.


Kass’ story involves overcoming obstacles and adversity in her personal and professional lives, pushing through hurdles in male-dominated industries, and growing with empathy along her road to becoming a successful business owner.


Kass founded RentLucky after the real estate housing crash left countless uprooted homeowners wondering where their next homes would be. Hearing their stories compelled her to find solutions using the untapped potential of rental properties. This brainstorm resulted in RentLucky, an online property management company for landlords, property managers, and renters to match inventory-to-client needs, assist all parties in communication, provide in-house screening and e-signature for leases, along with a growing suite of services.


Kass currently lives in Seattle and Yakima, WA and finished her first book, Care Your Way to Clarity. At any given time, you will find her traveling the world, immersing herself in foreign cultures, teaching yoga, skydiving, eating exotic foods, and chasing musical experiences across the globe. Most importantly, she is always living in the present moment. Kass believes life is an endless adventure of self-discovery and personal evolution and lives to help others navigate the path towards self-actualization.