Why I hire shitty coaches and you should too

Why I (used to) hire shitty coaches and you should too

Okay, before you get your coaching panties in a bundle, let me explain. Not all the coaching programs I’ve bought are total shit, nor are the humans standing behind the ‘Wizard of Oz’ leadership curtain.
But, let’s get real and raw for a minute.
Aren’t most coaches simply triggering something deep inside yourself that is craving to be ignited? So much so, that you are willing to pay someone else to learn more about it.
That’s called curiosity, there is no shame in the exploration game. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
CARE Vibrational Scale

Hook, line, and sinker

So why did I call them shitty in the title of this blog? Well, because they are in a shitty industry riddled with frauds and self-proclaimed experts.
Lion’s and tigers and bears, oh my! Remember the cowardly lion acting all tough? Let me at ’em!
They are shitty because they will package themselves in just the right way to get you to buy. Hook, line, and sinker. You are a lead, ideal reader, avatar, email address, or paycheck in someone else’s coaching swamp.
Be careful where you swim. Stagnant ponds suck and tsunamis are—well, hard to handle.
They are shitty when they pull your heartstrings. Convincing you their next program will be the one to unleash your inner beast.
After all, their landing page is working great and the email responders are on point. Why wouldn’t the rest of their program go just as smoothly?
Answer: Many.
If you don’t understand this question then you haven’t bought enough packages.
They are shitty because when they want your money, boy do they lay on the charm. Personal emails and messages, that they “never do for anyone”. Notice how eager they are to get on a call with you and connect but when the program starts, that radically changes to a formula that feels more like a mandatory routine than the original shrills of excitement, signs, and goosebumps that you caused them.
When it’s over? Ha! Let’s compare notes on how often you hear from them again. You aren’t really friends, so stop that. Silly.
They are shitty because once they automate their systems, it’s most likely their prices will increase 3 to 10 fold.
Do you know why? Because they can! So, they will.
They may even brag about doubling their prices and you were the first group through at the new rate. Not because the content or coaching is worth it, and has soared in the coaching stock market exchange. Have you heard of that? Yeah, me either, I made it up…just like they make up their prices.
No, it’s simply because THEY believe they are worth it and as they gain more confidence the more they coach, the more the greed kicks in.
Let’s look at the last part of that sentence again. Do you see their secret? They believe they can and are worth it!
And well, you and I don’t. Ha! So who is the shitty one now?
Yep, you got it, those of us willing to pay!
And that’s exactly WHY we should keep hiring them.
They have something we want. It’s working enough to engage you unless you have another solution laid out to get it. Why not? Go for it. Gaining knowledge, education, information, inspiration, and pure observation are all damn good reasons to hire help. There is no shame in that game. We just want to make sure you are prepared to pull the trigger and invest with the people that are aligned with your unique standards.
Thus, leasing us to the root of this whole shitty mess.
How do you survive the influx of information, solicitation, and temptation? How do you choose the right people to invest in? How do you know your money is being well spent? And please don’t forget about your time. Time is our most valuable asset. Period. So be mindful of how you spend it.
If you know anything about me, you will know that I really dig good vibrations, so much so that I have created a vibrational scale for my new book to help people quickly identify where they are resonating energetically with any person, in any experience – at any time.
Kass Rose - CARE Vibrational Scale
In a nutshell, once we can speak on an honest vibrational level, with ourselves, then we can show up authentically and get out of our storytelling with others.
Here is a short list of my Coaching Street Credits if you are curious what kind of programs I’ve invested in and if they are in line with your interests.

  • Mindset Coaching
  • Online Business School
  • How to Build a Webinar
  • How to Build a Podcast
  • How to Create Awesome Landing Pages
  • How to Create Funnels
  • How to write a Book in 9 weeks
  • How to Be a Published Author
  • How to Choose Happiness
  • How to Create Awesome Videos
  • How to Become a Public Speaker
  • How to Build a Coaching Course
  • How to Brand Yourself

Throw in some Rehab, Yoga Teacher Training and tons of self-help books, webinars, and LIVE seminars!