Life in the fast lane.

Life in the Fast Lane

Life in the fast lane surely makes you lose your mind. Is that true? Or is it just life in any lane?
The slow one tends to really irritate me the most. Not to mention the slow people in the fast lane that can really make you question your sanity!
However we want to interpret it is fine since it’s all an illusion anyway.
Kass Rose - Life in the fast lane.
I mean time and space, why does it really matter? We are born into this Universe, some with ease and others, like me, with our umbilical cord firmly choking our first breaths of life. Maybe that’s the first and most important metaphor that we should remember.
Life is all about cutting the constraints that are keeping us from breathing deeply, fully, and like our life depended on it. Because it does.

The Slow Lane

My life has always felt most comfortable in the fast lane. It’s truly all that I know. I find the hardest lessons come when we actually slow down and take pause. That’s where the uncomfortable start to happen. So, forget that! We are off to the races to find some other obsession, requirement, addiction desire, want, wish and need to focus on. We aren’t taught the slow lane in school and it certainly wasn’t recommended in any of the businesses I worked for. Slow is death. Or is it?

Time is our most valuable asset

Okay, what if we can start by just agreeing that time is our most valuable asset. Would you agree?
Kass and Caylen - Life in the fast lane.
Recently, I took a direct flight from D.C to Seattle. I knew that the odds of a semi-successful person flying on that same flight may upgrade their ticket for more legroom and to be closer to business class. So, I upgraded mine and let the Universe take over. Sure enough, I had an over 5-hour flight chatting it up with an intelligent (just ask him he will tell you) man on his way to Seattle for a top-secret interview. In our time together we got to rap about business, time, relevance, relationships and everything in between. The conversation was stimulating and quite refreshing and he left me with this:

“Kassandra, none of this matters in the long run. The only thing that really matters is time. How you spend your time, where you spend your time and how much of it you have left.”

He then pulled out his laptop to share with me his browser with an app that was counting his remaining Sunday’s before he dies. Kind of morbid right? We both thought so as well but got a good chuckle out of it.
You see, in the fast lane, you understand that talking about death or dying is not really a big deal. When you live in the fast lane people die all the time. Why? Because they take more risks! In the fast lane, you are more likely to hit a wall at high speed and be lucky if you can recover. In the fast lane, your binge partying that once used to help keep you going is now the very thing holding you back.