Machine vs Movement - What is the difference

Machine Vs Movement – What’s the Difference?

I’ve worked for the machine and got spit out the other side. If you pay close attention to the details you will see that we are all programmed to be part of the machine.
You know what I’m talking about right? The machine is the business or organization that wants you to do as you are instructed without curiosity as to why. We aren’t to question the machine, because they built it to produce revenue; not to have a soulful purpose.
Kass Rose on the machine
You know who gets rich off this machine? The people running it and the people who own it. That’s it. No one else shall prosper. Sure, you may get an advance here and there, maybe an attaboy for a job well done, but that’s it. You won’t launch your own brand under the machine.
You won’t be properly supported in your dreams, goals and aspirations. You are to conform.
They want you to mold into their masterplan and keep your eyes on the prize. Their prize.
Don’t speak up about new ideas, innovations or potential collaboration. Oh no! They want none of that. You may spread your big ideas to others and then they lose control. In fact, your forward thinking really has them concerned. They need you to stop. In fact, they may even ask you, “Will you ever stop?”
Stop what exactly?
Stop dreaming. Stop growing. Stop thinking. You see the people who run the machine are in control and you are simply a by-product. You are either saving them money by working for less than your talent deserves or you are consuming the agenda that they are producing. You are part of the machine and that is how they like it.
But, what if you told the machine to fuck off? How would that feel? What would the consequences be for speaking your mind? How fast could you recover and find a new machine that better suits you? What if no machine will ever suit you and you have decided to make a change?
What if nothing changes and you conform, how does that make you feel?


What if you didn’t stop dreaming, grinding and hustling towards a new reality? What if you were whole and complete in all your awesomeness in this very moment?
Kass Rose on machine vs movement
What if we weren’t made to be processed in a machine, but rather we enjoyed this thing called life through growth and awareness?
In order to create a movement, you must reject the status quo and the machines that run your life.
I would rather spend each of my waking days inspiring, learning, sharing and growing my community of followers down a path of enlightenment than ever settle for the machine again. I honestly can’t go back. I can’t look at someone who owns a machine and congratulate them on a job well done if making money is the only remarkable thing they have ever done. You see, when you create a movement, you get people excited. You get them moving in a united direction towards something they are passionate about.

Rejecting conformity is what I do best

I found ways to stick it to the system or “the man” more times than I can count. You know what? The machine, their operators, their participants don’t care. They laughed at me and said I was playing checkers while they were playing chess. Well, I have this to say, “Enjoy your lonely game of chess with your pile of purposeless cash, I’m going to create a movement and then play some naked Twister on my bed of abundance.”
Seriously, everything that I have done has most always generated a healthy return of money on my investment. I may have learned from the machine when it was my only option, but that changed. It is forever changed. Because when you create a movement, the energy ebbs and flows, people have a voice, and things change for the greater good. When you force someone into a machine, your soul gets eaten up and spit out the other side.
Oh yeah, just the way the machine wanted it.
So, are you going to be part of the machine or a movement? Who do you know that is doing business and life different and winning? What does it look like to have flexibility in your own personal growth, wants and needs?
It’s my guess you can continue to evolve and prosper on your own with your own unique message, more so than if someone tells you how to behave and what to expect out of life. I say, fuck the machine and start a fucking movement! Start now and micro-shift yourself past the shit and into the life you have always dreamed. The machine may keep you stuck but movement will set your body, mind, and soul free!