Happiness, when it finally hits—Sit.

This is truly one of the most magical times in my life. That determined little spirit is finally able to sit back and bask in all her hard work, mistakes and glory. That’s the magic. That’s when we let the good stuff in.


The hardest part of my journey to date was gaining the skills necessary to let go of  ‘the story’. Today, I’m awake to the fact that the story is simply a gathering of experiences. Nothing more and nothing less. Some of us have overcome abandonment, abuse, addiction, rejection, and unexpected loss either directly or indirectly and those who haven’t yet—will, in a matter of time.
Kass Rose dancing

The Pursuit of Happiness

The secret to finding happiness is being fully aware and responsible for how we react to these experiences. Even in moments of complete bliss and joy, when we are able to sit in contentment and gratitude, then we are truly present.


Being in this present moment is really all that matters. So how did we get programmed to be constantly searching for more, better and different? If we can’t erase our past and are not in control of our future, then doesn’t happiness truly come when we are right here, right now and choosing to react to our experience with curiosity and picking happiness as our emotion of choice?
Don’t be afraid to be weak. Don’t be afraid to be strong. Return to yourself and enjoy what is. If something comes up that is uncomfortable, sit with that too! Don’t give up and take a chance, sit…right…here. Your spirit will connect with your mind, your mind will speak to your heart. Lead with your heart and you will be just fine.


Return to innocence. Sit in bliss. Spread love and be amazing.